Adding new conditional logical operators(and/or..) to Promotions Qualifications

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Promotions: Sitecore Commerce promotions are based on Qualifications and Actions. In this article, I will mainly talk about Qualifications. A qualification is a set of conditions that has to be true for a promotion to be applied to a cart. While each condition represents a Rule in Sitecore world. If you have worked with Rules in Sitecore, it’s the same concept. An example of such a condition would be “Customer is purchasing more than 5 items”. When we define multiple conditions in qualification, we have to add logical condition operators between these conditions. e.g. “Customer is purchasing more than 5 items” And “One of the items in cart is Nike Product“.  OOTB Sitecore Commerce supports two logical operators; And, Or. So the previous example can also be “Customer is purchasing more than 5 items” OR “One of the items in cart is Nike Shirt“ Recently working on a project we had to implement the following examples of qualifications. “Customer is purchasing more than 5 items” And “One of the […]


Sitecore and Sitecore Commerce – Important Communication Points

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If you started working with Sitecore commerce 9.0 or later, you might have noticed there are a lot of connection points among different roles of Sitecore XP, solr, Sitecore Identity Server and Sitecore Commerce. It’s important to understand the communication points and how this communication is made secure. Sometimes we face the issues due to wrong configurations of those communication points. Since I went through a bit of pain while configuring Staging and Production environments, I thought to share how communication takes place From Sitecore XP to Commerce Engine(CE) From Commerce Engine to XP(Content Synchronization) Commerce Engine to Solr Commerce Engine Plugins to Sql Bizfx to Commerce Engine Sitecore XP to CE: The communication takes place through Commerce Eninge Connect layer. In Sitecore installation directory(at path App_Config\Include\Y.Commerce.Engine) we have Sitecore.Commerce.Engine.Connect.config which defines the communication configurations from XP to  CE. The configuration defines shopsServiceUrl which is used to send any shops related read/write requests from XP to CE for example, get catalogs […]