Sitecore Commerce Composer – Important tips for using this powerful business tool

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Sitecore commerce composer is a really powerful tool to extend the Commerce entities. Recently working on a project I used them quite extensively. Of course, you can still write the code to do the same but the Composer would save you a lot of time. Brief Overview:  The composer is just another business tool of Sitecore Commerce which is used to create Templates using a user-friendly UI. It’s really intuitive. You can read more about it here if you haven’t started using it. A composer template is a collection of properties. Once you create a template using composer, you can link it to different entities or item definitions to extend them.   Few things you should consider before using Composer templates in your projects. Properties Are Required: All the properties that you create would be marked as Required by Sitecore Commerce. This means the content authors would need to fill in the values of all the properties […]