Entity framework core and enhanced testability

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Entity framework aka EF is a powerful ORM tool. After using it for many years on full Net-framework(until EF6), I came across netCore version of it. If you have started working with netCore stack, this post will help a great deal to start consuming netCore EF. NetCore is an open source, cross-platform framework which can be used to develop .net applications and run them on almost all known operating systems e.g. Linux, Windows and macOS. To use EF in a netCore application, you have to go with netCore version of it. In addition to EF6 features, netCore EF has an OOTB(out of the box) inMomory database provider which can be used to create a logical relational database in the memory and use it until the life cycle of the application. This is very powerful when it comes down to writing integration tests. In netCore application, we can register the services on startup of the application. This means, our main application(could MVC web […]