Sitecore Commerce and Multiple Storefronts – Pitfalls

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Having multiple storefronts in a Sitecore commerce project is very common. We can create tenants and multiple storefronts. Similarly, we can create multiple catalogs and assign those catalogs to individual storefronts. Recently working with one of the Sitecore Commerce Projects we had to do this kind of implementation. The project started getting interesting when we came across certain requirements e.g. Braintree payment merchant credentials will be different for both Storefronts. Tax rates should be different for both Storefronts etc Now if you look at the storefront settings, we can only set these from the content explorer/commerce control panel. So looking at the documentation of Commerce Engine, we thought Policies are the way to go. Each deployed role can have different policies and behaviors, which can be specified using a specific Commerce Environment for that role. When a call is made to the Commerce Engine, the call’s header specifies an environment. This environment is used by the engine […]