Debugging Sitecore Commerce 9.2 Engine Using Customer.Sample.Solution

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Sitecore Commerce(SXC) Engine is an extensible framework to develop new or extend existing commerce services. SXC has this concept of Plugins which can be created to customize it. A plugin is nothing but an atomic and self-maintained module of software which contains Pipelines, blocks and policies. I setup Sitecore Commerce 9.2 recently and in order to start development using Visual Studio, I had to set up a new VS solution. SXC makes it easier for you as it comes with a sample solution which lives inside Commerce Engine SDK . This sample is called Customer.Sample.Solution. This solution can be used as a boilerplate code to kick off the development. When I started setting up my Visual Studio, I came across a few issues. Purpose of this post is to make it easier for anyone out there facing those problems of having questions How To. The first step would be to locate the sample solution. During […]