Dimensions, Segments and Metrics – Sitecore Experience Analytics

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Sitecore Experience Analytics (XA) provides graphical representation of visitors data(facts) using dimensions, metrics and segments. Dimensions are attributes of a visitor’s data while metrics are quantitative¬†measurements of¬†those attributes. Dimensions, segments and metrics are defined in the master database of Sitecore. A segment is then deployed to the reporting database where it is used for aggregation. Learn more about aggregation. Visitor is usually referred as Contact in Sitecore. While visit is also called interaction. Metrics are also referred as facts. These terms will be used interchangeably during this article. Dimensions are attributes of an interaction or a visitor of a website. For instance country is a dimension which tells the origin of the visitor’s interaction based on its IP address. We can think of different dimensions like browser the visitor was using or which pages the visitor visited. Segments are like dimensions but provide another level of differentiation. A segment can […]