Error Creating Node Configuration – On Sitecore Commerce Roles

You may come across this error in your commerce role log files. ERROR pipelines:blocks:StartNodeLogConfigurationBlock-Error creating Node Configuration Log.Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


There could be multiple factors causing this issue but all of them would be related to the fact that StartNodeLogConfigurationBlock is not able to create instances of the types, mainly blocks and pipelines, configured as services in your ConfigureSitecore.cs

I came across this issue recently and couldn’t find any help on stack exchange or other portals so decided to share my findings about it.

The first thing I did to figure out the root cause was to il-spy the Start NodeLogConfigurationBlock class.


The 2nd line of code in the Run method is trying to get pipeline configurations from each plugin. This is where it was failing for me. So I started reviewing all my ConfigureSitecore.cs classes in different modules.

The following configuration was faulty

       configure =>
              configure.Replace<Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Payments.GetOrderPaymentDetailsViewBlock, GetOrderPaymentDetailsViewBlock>();

Apparently nothing seems wrong in this configuration. I was replacing the OOTB GetOrderPaymentDetailsViewBlock with my own GetOrderPaymentDetailsViewBlock. But then I noticed, GetOrderPaymentDetailsViewBlock didn’t have a namespace around it which was causing the start block to fail while creating an object of it.


Happy Coding…

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